Stihl Chainsaw Review

Our Stihl chainsaw review will help you before you buy.  On the market since 1926 Stihl has a wide variety of chain saws for different needs. Sharp design, innovative technology, easy to handle and featuring an ergonomic design, the Stihl chain saw will find a place in anyone's arsenal of hard working tools.

If you want a Stihl electric chainsaw, you got it. A special saw just for semi-professional use, you got it. Add in a wide range of professional, consumer and specialty saws and you pretty much have what you need to clip a tree down, tackle work on the farm or use them for property maintenance. You're never at a loss for things to do when using a Sthil chainsaw.

Stihl Chain Saw

In the Stihl gas chainsaw line you will be buying quality here and the pros of these models are that they start like a charm, have a tool free chain adjustment, superior safety features and automatic oiling from a translucent reservoir. Not a bad deal to say the least.

Their main disadvantage is the fact that they are expensive and retail out at about $250.00, have a lot of vibration going on and are really noisy and actively pollute the air. Forget about the neighbors sleeping in with this line of gas chainsaws.

In the electric chain saw line you, once again, have quality at your fingertips, but you are certainly restricted in your cutting radius with an electric chain saw unless you endeavor to stay within about 100 feet of an electrical outlet. Having said that though, they are a whole heck of a lot quieter than gas chain saws and are less trouble to start and use. Just plug and play so to speak. These beauties also don't vibrate as much as gas chainsaws and don't contribute to the greenhouse effect or global warming, making them a "green" choice.

I hope our Stihl chainsaw review educated you on their pros and cons and will help you get the chain saw that best meets your needs.

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