McCulloch Chainsaw

McCulloch chainsaws, while offering a wide variety of saws for just about any task, seem to have found their niche with the occasional user who only needs light duty work done.

One of the many attractive features the McCulloch chain saw offers is that the smaller ones come assembled in the box and are lighter than many of their competitors. Another plus point for this line of chainsaws is their pricing - nice and affordable and their HP output is the same as models that are pricier and heavier.

Pre-assembly in the box means all you need to do is add a touch of oil in the reservoir, plug it in and go. With the gas chainsaws you get more heft and a different method of starting, usually involving a pull start, bulb squeezing to prime the starter and a lot of noise.

McCulloch Chain Saw Review

When it comes to the "how to" part of owning a McCulloch chain saw, it seems they have outdone themselves with the instruction manual. Now that may be relative to whoever is using it, but most reports indicate the manual has complete instructions on how to check chain tension and how it may be adjusted.

Adjusting the chain on this line of chainsaws is a snap and is accomplished using the 2 small screw adjustments of the back of the blade guide. Consult the manual and learn how to turn the top or bottom screw depending on whether or not you want to loosen or tighten your chain.

The McCulloch chainsaw oil reservoir is right above the handgrip and it only needs a minimal amount of oil to fill it. Don't pump the cap like you may be tempted to do with your gas powered lawn mower, or you will flood the reservoir. You only have to push down once to get oil onto the blade.

Some consumers feel this line of saws is incredibly cheap price wise and manufacturing wise. Again this is relative to whether it was used according to the manual in the first place. Others feel it does not pack the torque nor have much in the way of speed going for it and found that the motors do not have overload protection..

Some popular McCulloch chainsaw models are the McCulloch SE2000 chain saw, McCulloch 320 chainsaw, McCulloch chainsaw Power Mac 6 and the 5700 McCulloch chainsaw

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