Homelite Chainsaw Review

Homelite chainsaw has a lot to recommend them, starting with a dependable 9.0 amp motor, very good cutting action and outstanding power to their weight performance. They come, in most instances, with a two-year warranty and are usually the saw of choice for cutting trees and limbs, but do have other capabilities.

Homelite offers chainsaws that are handy and ready to tackle storm damaged trees, downed trees, pruning work, firewood duty and even some landscaping. Their versatility is largely due to the wide variety of saws in various weights and sizes, designed to help the homeowner and the professional. The Homelite chain saw line is ergonomically appealing with the addition of a wrap around handle with a comfortable handgrip.

Homelite Chain Saw

Even though they offer Homelite gas chain saws, which are thus slightly prone to polluting the air, this line of saws actually puts out less in the way of air polluting emissions. They have very good safety features (inertia chain brake, anti-vibration handle, anti-kickback guard on the bar) and automatic chain oiling and are perfect for those heavy-duty jobs that need a heavy-duty chainsaw. In the alternative there is the electric start chain saw and even a cordless model with an electric cord retention hook that is ideal for around home.

On the other hand, customers have noted over time that there does seem to be quality control problems and that this line of chainsaws is not as fast as other, more expensive saws. Although slower cutting power is a bonus in many cases, particularly if you happen to be cutting firewood. There have also been reports that the chain tension may need adjusting. For that task, just use a screwdriver.

Another added bonus with the Homelite chain saws is the pricing, with most chainsaws for use around the home falling in the $100 - $150 range, which is a reasonable price considering the power and quality.

Several top models are Homelite ZR 10560 chainsaw, Homelite Super XL chainsaw, and the Homelite electric chain saw. Most of our Homelite chainsaw reviews are positive as it is a great brand.

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