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Choosing an electric chainsaw is really a matter of personal preference. They are most definitely lighter than their gas chainsaw cousins and easier to work with overall. Mostly, your choice will be predicated on what you want to use the electric chainsaw for and how often you intend to use it. Another factor worth considering is pricing, and in most cases the electric chainsaws, unless the have some pretty hot bells and whistles, are reasonably priced for the budget minded buyer.

If you're into going green, another huge consideration when buying an electric chain saw would be the lack of air pollution when using electric as opposed to gas chainsaws. The less pollution you create, the better. The less pollution noise wise will make your neighbors happy campers as well, and generally speaking, electric chainsaws do tend to be quieter than the gas-guzzlers. 

Best Electric Chain Saws

Sure electric chainsaws do have some drawbacks, but most people feel that for the money, they are happy to work around them. One major frustration is the cord, which tends to limit your range of cutting, as you have to be within at least 100 feet of an electrical outlet. Yes, you could use a series of extension cords to extend your range, but the disadvantage of that is the cord length hangs you up when you are climbing up and down ladders or trees, etc.

The other reason you don't want to use too many extension cords is the risk of blowing the breaker if you happen to be working with a chainsaw whose amperage is on the high side. Plus, if you don't have a cord hook to keep the cord where it's supposed to be, attached to your chainsaw, you will be forever up and down that ladder retrieving your fallen cord.

Some users find electric chain saws a touch too light in the blade while trying to cut a heavier wood or limb. This would mean having to bear down on the blade to get it to work a little harder, but unfortunately not faster. The Remington electric chain saw is one of the best electric chainsaw.  Most electric chainsaws seem to want to work at their own pace, which is not the same as the gas chainsaws. All in all though, these aren't significant reasons to not consider buying an electric chainsaw. When it comes right down to it, electric chainsaws seem to have the chutzpa to do just about anything the competition gas chainsaws can do, and some would argue do it better.


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