Chainsaw Sharpening

Using a chainsaw to cut wood and trees makes the job very quick and easy. If you have used a chain saw you will know that if the chain is not sharp and well maintained it makes it quite difficult to cut that wood. Chainsaw sharpening is not difficult and if you do it yourself you will save yourself some money.

The first step in chainsaw sharpening is to clean the chain of all saw dust, this will allow you to inspect the chain for chipped broken or bent teeth. If the top plate of the teeth is less than 1/4 inch, the chain is not safe and needs to be replaced.

Chainsaw sharpeners are either a rotary grind stone or a round chainsaw file that matches your chainsaw. The tool that you use as a chainsaw sharpener must match the diameter of your chain.

The chainsaw needs to be set down on a solid surface so that the saw is very stable or you can clamp the bar in a vice with the chain being able to rotate freely. Now you are set to start sharpening the chain. Set the file or grinder in the notch of the tooth with the curve of the tool flush with the curve of the tooth and the same angle as the angle on the tooth. Now grind till you get the tooth sharp on that side. Move over to the next tooth and proceed in the same way till you have sharpened all the teeth from that direction.

Chainsaw Sharpener Safety

Now you have to start all over again from the other side and again sharpen all the teeth from that side. When you are working on the teeth it is important to note that the flat surface on top of all the teeth is approximately the same length so that the teeth in the chain can cut the wood uniformly.

Once you have sharpened all the teeth from both sides you have to inspect the clearance of the curved hook shaped links between the cutting teeth. They should be at least 1/10 of an inch lower than the cutting teeth. If they are any taller you should file them to the correct depth so that they will not interfere with the cutting teeth when you are using the saw.

Now you are ready to oil the chain so that your chainsaw is ready to cut wood effortlessly. Having a sharp chain in a saw is also important for chainsaw safety. Knowing chainsaw sharpening and by using the right chainsaw sharpeners, you not only will be able to save money, but will also be able to cut that wood effortlessly and safely.

Keep in mind that having a sharpened chainsaw not only makes your chainsaw work better but, is one of the important steps in chainsaw safety. A dull chain saw is more likely to bounce off the wood which could mean the limbs you cut could be your own. So keep that chain saw sharp to help keep you safe and do get those wood cutting jobs done more quickly and efficiently.

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